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It all started with the Madeiran embroidered table linen which I inherited from my grandmother (and mother) and which holds many fond memories of family celebrations and meals. I fell in love with the fabric, the neutral tones and gloriously irregular motifs and wanted to recreate them in my jewellery designs.

Madeiran embroidery is a traditional form of hand-embroidery that originated in the Madeira archipelago, specifically on the island of Madeira, which is part of Portugal. This type of embroidery has a rich history and is known for its intricate and delicate designs, typically involving the use of white or ecru linen fabric as a base. The designs are created using various embroidery stitches, such as satin stitch, bullion stitch, and stem stitch. The motifs often include floral patterns, geometric shapes, and intricate borders. The stitches are meticulously worked to create a raised and textured effect on the fabric.

So, back in 2013, I designed a tri-set of wedding, engagement and eternity rings for a CAD competition (shortlisted) and Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council Awards (bronze), which marked the beginning of multiple creations. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

With the use of CAD (computer aided design) I have been able to extend my embroidery collection to include square rings, bar necklaces and bracelets, cuffs, statement rings and of course, many earring designs.


I remember this humorous catchphrase from way back in the 80s when I started knitting with attitude and passion. In those days it was fashion knitwear in exciting yarns; nowadays it's also jewellery in silver and gold wire.

Combining the crafts of goldsmithing with textile crafts opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing me to create unique and innovative pieces. Whether by fabricating a knitted 'skin' to cover a coiled armature or pre-fabricated framework, the resultant pieces are three-dimensional, lightweight, elegant and bold.

And, making jewellery using textile techniques isn't new! I refer you to the renowned artist and jeweller Arline M Fisch and her amazing book, Textile Techniques in Metal .

Ultimately, the reasons for designing and making handknitted gold and silver jewelry can vary from person to person, but the combination of creativity, craftsmanship, and the joy of wearing or gifting unique pieces makes it a rewarding endeavour.

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